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  • EXPERIENCE THE ROYALGEL REVOLUTION- RoyalGel guarantees the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by up to 40% thanks to its unique tridimensional gel structure. Its revolutionary non-toxic gel formulation is guaranteed not to harden, age or migrate over time. This means the ultimate comfort for you which allows you to focus on your ride and more importantly, enjoy every moment that you’re on your bike, even if the path gets bumpy.
  • ROYAL VACUUM LIGHT TECHNOLOGY- Selle Royal’s unique sealing technology allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and 20% lighter than ordinary saddles of the same category. This stops moisture from seeping into the precious Royalgel, keeping you rolling comfortably, rain or shine.
  • DEEP CENTER CHANNEL – Perennial Pressure can ruin any great riding day. Selle Royal is all about maximizing every rider’s enjoyment, this is why they utilize a deep center channel to let the sit bones do their job and meld into the incredible RoyalGel. Furthermore, the deep center channel has the added benefit of increasing ventilation.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING DESIGN - It’s easy to forget every bump in the road when you didn’t even feel them in the first place. That’s what it’s like with the Journey Cruiser. It’s a smooth sailing down the coast, ice cream cone in one hand and friends on either side, summer afternoon. All without the fear that a pothole could send your ice cream into the friend on your right.
  • INTEGRATED CLIP SYSTEM READY- Whether you like to have a spare tube, multi tool and co2 handy, or staying visible is a concern, Selle Royal has you covered with their Integrated Clip System that allows you to easily clip in a taillight (like the SR Blinking Light) or a saddle bag (like the SR Bag).