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Want to test one of our EBikes? We get it, the tempation is almost unbearable.

EBike Rentals & Test Rides

We offer a full range of EBikes for Rental or for a short test ride. You can book on-line, call, or stop by our showroom and rental center.

Tires For EBikes. EBike Accessories Edmonton.

Test ride before you buy to get the right ebike for you.

Come by and find the right EBike for you. We offer all types and models of EBikes to test drive. This is a great way to experience the fun and ease of an EBike.

  • Located At: 9927-76 Ave

  • Call 780-249-2453 to book a test ride today

EBike Rentals Edmonton. Rent An E Bike

EBike Rentals

Want to rent an EBike for an enjoyable ride through the parks? We rent Ebikes hourly and daily.

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