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Choosing the Frame Lock Amparo 495 is an important step in the direction of anti-theft protection. It’s easy and light
to use.

Even if your bicycle is only at low risk of theft, it is still crucial to invest in an ABUS frame lock for basic protection.

Better to be safe than sorry. The Amparo Frame Lock is easy to mount to the bicycle’s threaded rear frame with the
universal clamps provided. The extra-large wheel passage is also very well-suited to wide and extra-wide tyres.

• 8.5 mm thick locking shackle
• The shackle, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
• Extra-large wheel passage
• ABUS automatic cylinder with user-friendly reversible key
• Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery
Operation and use
• Good protection at low theft risk
• Recommended for the protection of low-range bicycles
• Frame locks are a convenient protection against unauthorized use of the bicycle
• The use of a second lock besides the frame lock is highly recommended
• The lock is only available in NKR version, which means the key can be removed when the lock is open