Winter EBike Guide
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Winter EBike Guide

Here is a quick email reminder outlining how to store your EBike for winter. Proper storage and care for your EBike, as well as your EBike battery during winter, is essential to maximize their lifespan and efficiency. To assist you in this process, we've compiled helpful tips and recommended products to make your winter EBike experience more.

Proper Storage of EBike Battery in Winter :      

Batteries lose range and can suffer irreparable damage if frozen or improperly used when their temperature drops below 0 degrees.                

  • Always store your EBike battery indoors when it is not in use.    
  • Store lithium batteries in a dry place with an average temperature of 17.5 degrees.
  • Check your battery every few weeks, charge it when it drops below 40%, and stop charging before it reaches 80%. 
  • Do not charge your battery in a cold environment. Charge it where you would be storing your battery.
  • Check your battery every few weeks, as lithium batteries naturally discharge themselves over time.

Proper Storage of EBike:           

  • Snow and salt can cause electrical damage to wires and increase the risk of electrical shorts.        
  • ​​​Muc-Off Corrosive Defense is a spay that you can use on your battery terminals and bike parts to prevent rust and corrosion.   
  • ​Bike Covers offer a protective shield against harsh weather and corrosion.  

Winter Riding Accessories & Tips:                     

  • If you plan to lock your bike outside for any time, the battery should be removed and brought inside.
  • You can use a heated battery blanket to warm your battery on cold rides. It will help maintain the battery's temperature, ensuring consistent power delivery.
  • You can prevent moisture and rust on your chain by applying wet weather lube 3-4 hours before your ride.
  • Studded tires ensure better traction on icy or snowy surfaces. With our Edmonton winter, we recommend getting studded tires if you plan on riding your EBike.
  • Bar Mitts serve as an effective solution to keep your hands warm and shielded from the cold wind during winter rides. Acting as a robust barrier against the elements, we highly recommend them, especially if you plan on riding throughout the winter season. Trust us; your hands will undoubtedly thank you for the added warmth and protection.