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Bike Carriers: Choose the Right Rack To Hold Your EBike

Edmonton's vibrant cycling community and scenic trails, offers abundant opportunities for bike enthusiasts to explore and you may need to transport your EBikes to these locations. When it comes to transporting bikes, having the right bike rack is important. Choosing the right bike carrier in Edmonton that suits your needs is simple. Here we will explore the different types of bike carriers available at EBike Edmonton.

Platform Bike Racks

Hitch-mounted Platform Bike Racks bike carriers are a popular choice among cyclists due to their stability and ease of use. These carriers attach to a receiver hitch at the back of your vehicle. 

Hitch carriers provide robust support and secure attachment for your bikes. EBike Edmonton offers reputable brands like SARIS and THULE, It is important to use an EBike-rated rack when carrying EBikes. EBikes are heavier than standard bicycles and are specially constructed to handle the added weight of EBikes. 

It is advisable to remove your battery during transport. It makes the EBike lighter and avoids losing the battery during transport. 

Factors to Consider

To determine the right bike carrier for your needs, consider the following factors:

Size of Hitch: A typical Platform hitch rack uses 1 ¼” and 2” use receivers. Check your receiver and see if it is compatible.

Number of Bikes: Determine how many bikes you need to transport regularly. Ensure that the carrier you choose can accommodate your desired number of bikes.

Bike Compatibility: Consider the types of bikes you own or plan to transport. Some carriers may be better suited for specific bike styles or sizes, such as e-bikes, folding ebikes, or fat tire ebikes.

Vehicle Compatibility: Assess your vehicle's specifications, including hitch compatibility, hatch availability, or spare wheel space. Ensure that the chosen carrier is compatible with your vehicle.

Security Features: Look for carriers that offer reliable locking mechanisms to prevent theft and ensure your bikes are secure during transit.

Ease of Use: Consider how easy it is to load and unload bikes onto the carrier, especially if you plan to transport bikes frequently.


Choosing the right bike carrier is crucial for a hassle-free and safe biking experience. Assess your specific needs, bike types, and vehicle compatibility before making a decision. With the quality bike carriers offered by renowned brands like SARIS and THULE available at EBike Edmonton, you can find the right rack at the right price.